Thursday, December 20, 2007

Second chance

This is one of my favorite pictures from my senior year. I’m decked out in my senior boots and my Air Force sunglasses ready to go to a football game and Bryan Todd, also a senior, is wearing a fish uniform.
It seems that Bryan really, really wanted to chase a yell leader. At Texas A&M, it is a tradition that freshmen in the Corps get to chase and tackle the yell leaders at the end of every victorious home game. They then carry them over to a fountain in the center of campus known as the “fish pond” and throw them in. The soggy yell leaders then lead a post-game yell practice at the fountain.
Well, unfortunately for the Class of ‘87, the Aggies pretty much sucked during our freshmen year and we were outscored at every home game. So we never got to chase the yell leaders. But by our senior year, things had turned around and the Aggies were kicking ass. So Bryan decided to make up for his lost opportunity and borrowed a freshman uniform to wear to one of our home games. Outstanding!
And yes, as I understand it, he actually did tackle a yell leader at the end of the game.