Friday, January 30, 2009

20-year Reunion

The Class of 87 had its 20-year reunion back in September 2007 and we had six Huslers from the Class of '87 show up. That's half our class! A terrific turnout by my estimation.
The above photo shows five of us. I'm the one who inexplicably wore a blue shirt to an Aggie reunion. Go figure.
L-R Greg Mendenhall, David Johnson, Mike Miller, Mike Thomas and Bryan Todd.

Duane Looka was there too!

Here's a good shot of Mendy.

Bryan Todd and Mike Miller catch up on old times.

Bryan's twin brother Chuck visits with David Johnson.

Here is the big group shot with all the family members. I can't name everyone, but I think I can group everyone by family unit.
In the top left corner is Mike Miller and his family. Mike is standing between his two sons. His daughter is in front of him next to his wife Trish.
Greg Mendenhall is top row center with his wife Karen standing directly in front of him and their daughter is one step down and just to the right of Karen. Their son, who was taller than everyone in the picture, is seated at the very front, far right.
Duane Looka is on the top row next to Mendy with one of his daughters standing one step down and to the left. His wife (I apologize for not remembering her name) is in the center of the picture next to their son holding the No. 12 Aggie shirt and next to him is their other daughter.
I'm standing to the far right holding my son Nathan with my wife Susan standing in front of me holding our daughter Isabel.
David Johnson is seated in the front with his two daughters (I should know their names having watched them grow up in the annual Christmas card every year).
And Bryan Todd is standing at the far left.
Special thanks to Chuck Todd for taking this picture and a dozen others using six different cameras. Heh!