Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Christmas Party '83

Squadron One’s annual Christmas Party was always a racuous affair with lots of beer, drinking games, etc. Basically, a bunch of guys away from home for the first time getting to do whatever they wanted. But it was also a chance to get to know the upper and lower classmen outside of the corps. Freshmen were instructed to perform skits that would make fun of the pissheads. I can’t remember what kind of skit we did so it musn’t have been very memorable.

Senior Keith Neumann and juniors Jay Buzzini and Steve Yndo mug for the camera. Also, seated just to the right is Mike Eckley, Class of 82 frog. (h/t Mark Taylor)

Freshmen gather around a table to watch or partake in a drinking game as Buzzini and Yndo look on.
L-R: Dean Neeley, John Basila, Brian Watson (seated), David Lewis (standing in back), Brian Neumann (back turned), Jay Buzzini (wearing white hat, partially obscured), Richard Jackson (standing in back wearing cowboy hat), Robert Galindo (seated), Steve Yndo, and Curly Johnson (hat backwards).

Duane Looka is clearly having a good time. Robert Galindo (below) looks downright menacing.

Pullouts were very common and generally overlooked by upperclassmen at the Christmas Party.
L-R: Duane Looka, Mike Thomas (in back), Brian Watson and Joe Prochaska.

I can’t make out everyone in this picture. Robert Galindo is in the immediate foreground followed by seniors Todd Little and David Merkin. Tim Donohue is next and John Doherty is in there too. Jay Buzzini and Steve Yndo are still mugging for the camera in the back corner.

Mike Thomas, Dean Neeley and Troy DeHart.

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