Friday, September 21, 2007

Corps Brass

The Squadron One Class of 1987 earns its corps brass.
This photo was snapped shortly after our crap out session for our corps brass. We were all quite pleased to have survived the experience.
On the first row, kneeling, from left to right is Jose Castro, David Johnson and Troy DeHart.
Second Row, with the hats, Dean Neeley and Brian Neumann, David Lewis (without the shirt), and Mike Thomas.
Back row, left to right, Bryan Todd, Brian Watson, Joe Prochaska, Duane Looka, Greg Mendenhall, and Mike Miller.


Mike Poole said...

These are great memories!

I came to A&M in '89 as a fish in Challenger 7.

I was feeding my dogs this morning down in the basement and I saw my old uniform shirt laying in the corner.

I wanted to look for a Corps Brass picture for my facebook page and I came across your blog.

Awesome memories!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I am the XO of the recently reactivated squadron 1 and am trying to get in touch with as many alumni as possible. If you're interested in reconnecting with the unit, you can e-mail me at