Tuesday, September 25, 2007

End of semester hijinks

Things got real laid back during finals week of the first semester. Freshmen were granted junior privileges and the Corps was pretty much put on hold.
Someone made a makeshift guidon out of an outfit t-shirt and a broom handle one evening and Greg
Hilgenburg started marching up and down the hall pretending to be a guidon bearer.

Of course, the corps never really goes away entirely. Here pisshead Kurt Vandewalle was having fun harrassing Bryan Todd and myself when one of our fish buddies (David Wilson I think) had the misfortune of calling us on the phone. Vandewalle answered the phone and instructed Wilson to drop and do a class set (87 push-ups). I don’t think he was really pushing at first until Vandewalle ran down to his hole to check.

Later that evening we all walked down to a local convenience store just because we needed an excuse to get out of the dorm. Hilgenburg never let go of the mock guidon. I think he knew he wasn’t going to be coming back the next semester.
L-R: John Basila, Bryan Todd (in back), Greg Hilgenburg, David Wilson.

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