Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fish Final Review

One of the best things about Final Review was getting to put on the uniform for the next year. The transition from freshman to sophomore wasn’t very noticable to outsiders, but to us it was a very big deal. Sophomore uniform shirts were essentially the same as freshman shirts, but you were allowed to have military creases ironed in which made them look much sharper. Sophomore biders had the brown trim which was what stood out the most in distinguishing fish from pissheads. But the belts too were different. They were made of nylon, instead of cotton, and were easier to take care of. Also, the sophomore belt buckles were one piece, instead of two, easier to shine and generally looked better.

Soon-to-be Pisshead Mike Thomas practices his “serious” look to use on next year’s freshmen.

Bryan Todd looks sharp in his new pisshead duds.

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