Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sully photos

After we took our formal freshman class photo we walked across campus...
L-R: Greg Mendenhall, Bryan Todd, David Johnson, Brian Watson, Joe Prochaska, Mike Miller, Duane Looka, David Lewis.

and eventually ended up at the Sul Ross statue where we took a few more pictures.
L-R: Mike Miller, Bryan Todd (up), Duane Looka (in cowboy hat), David Lewis (kneeling), David Johnson (on statue), Dean Neeley (center), Brian Neumann (on statue), Joe Prochaka (red hat), Greg Mendenhall, Mike Thomas (up), Brian Watson.

Mike Thomas looking introspective in front of Sully.

Dean Neeley and Brian Neumann link arms with Sully and salute their bright future that lies ahead.

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